“Without clarity of purpose and humanizing leadership, all strategies will fail.”

What We Do

  • Private executive advisory and coaching
  • Private Peer Advisory Groups – through Insight Leadership Groups
  • Leadership assessment and development – through The Leadership Circle 360 ProfileTM
  • Corporate culture assessment and development
We work with the President/CEO and the executive leadership team to:
  • Develop, clarify, and communicate the organization’s Purpose – the “Why” that drives productivity and loyalty
  • Provide accountability for the execution of owners’ decisions
  • Identify aspirational behaviors that define and support the organization’s Values, Culture, and Brand(s)
  • Define and nurture positive human interactions that achieve profound and sustainable business results
  • Assure the alignment of Operations, Sales and Marketing, HR, and Finance leadership with the business’ Purpose to effectively execute Strategy
  • Optimize the intangible value of the organization for ownership transition
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