Our Approach

Our Approach

Our approach follows the principles and practices of The Leadership Circle
(“Mastering Leadership,” by Robert J. Anderson and William A. Adams, Wiley, 2016):  

Purpose and Vision First.

The ongoing discovery and exploration to create what matters in the face of difficult circumstances comes from within, from passion and conviction, from leadership.  Without this, resources are wasted to try and “solve problems” in sales, finance, operations, or HR.

Distilling Vision.

Translating vision through collective leadership throughout the organization.  Everyone in the organization must have a clear and compelling role in achieving personal and organizational results.

Creative Decision-making.

Making decisions based on our fears – what has “worked” in the past – does not grow leaders or organizations. To transcend the status quo, leaders must act from an inner passion for change and achievement.

Authentic, Courageous Dialogue.

Conversations where all parties seek the truth and are willing to accept responsibility are the lifeblood of high-performing organizations.

Intuition and Inspiration.

Leaders must learn to use data and rational analysis and then rely on intuitive “knowing” about the right thing to do, guiding the vision, strategy, decision-making, and creative innovation of the organization.

Systematic Thinking.

Structures and systems must “evolve” to serve a compelling, creative vision.  “Culture beats Strategy every day. Only when leaders courageously meet the challenge of structural change head-on can they make their vision a reality.” 

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